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A cosy, independent cafe which creates great memorable experiences filled with satisfaction and joy where health, pleasure, creativity and curiosity meet together. This little space is filled with smell of wonderfully aromatic coffee, spices and herbs.

To Nourish

Everything is 100% plant-based, made with natural ingredients to nourish not only your body but your soul and mind as well. All food is homemade, unprocessed, packed with flavours and made with passion and love following the principles of non cruelty. Let these elements inspire your thoughts and feelings for the day.

To Indulge

The cakes represent my identity. They are honest and unique. Every cake is crafted with utmost care in each and every step using simple and real ingredients. They are gluten free, sugar free and mostly raw. That’s the only way to treat you. Or treat your friends with delicious and completely guilt free birthday cake.  

Vegan Birthday Cakes. Gluten free. Sugar free.
Choose your favourite flavours.

Customers Reviews

What a wonderful food! We ordered for collection and we had the sandwich, cakes and smoothie! Everything was so tasty and Aggie is lovely! You can see tha she put some love in her food! Definitely ordering again soon!Please, I strongly recommend you to try the vegan banoffe cake! You won’t regret it!
Ana Canella


Drop in or order online. For birthday cakes info call or text anytime, 085 820 3851. Gluten free. Sugar free. Please check my Instagram.

Very kind and professional service, and most importantly: spectacular cakes and coffee! Can't wait to try soups and sandwiches. Highly recommended, it's a gem!
Ádám Márton

Address: 19a Main Street, Blackrock Market  Blackrock, Co Dublin  A94V0D8.

Phone number: 085 820 3851


Opening times: Friday – Sunday: 11:00-17:00

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